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Confused by Chip Credit Cards?

Swipe the card? Nope.  Dip the card? Maybe. Feel like an idiot?  Definitely. Don't be confused! Ask me how chip ...
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Hardware Solutions

3 Reasons to NEVER Lease a Credit Card Machine

3 Reasons to NEVER Lease a Credit Card Machine Although leasing terminals has declined in recent years, some sales reps ...
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Increasing fees

Why it seems like rates are increasing each month

Why does it seem rates are increasing each month? For one, you may be selling more this month than prior ...
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What are Non-Compliance fees?

PCI “Non-compliance” Fees The non-compliance PCI fee is assessed to your merchant account and provides no value except to collect ...
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Basics of PCI Security

PCI Security Standards PCI and the Data Security Standards (DSS), establish protocols for protection of cardholder data,  mandating how card ...
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