Hardware and Payment Solutions

Simply Credit Card Processing integrates with a vast inventory of state-of-the-art credit card processing equipment, gateways, terminals and software. We deploy everything from economical refurbished terminals to technologically advanced equipment with high-speed processing systems and support for EMV/NFC-enabled payments. Our systems are customized and designed to work well in any environment, including retail point of sale, non-profit, supermarkets, restaurant, hospitality and more.

Benefits of Online Payment Gateways

When you’re looking for the best possible secure payment gateway for your customers, look no further than Simply Credit Card Processing.  We support all verticals and have advanced security methods and fraud management tools.

With Simply’s secure credit card payment gateway, your customers can make quick, efficient payments with just the click of a mouse.  Review your transactions and detailed history reports for your account online at any time.

Need Quickboooks?  No problem, we integrate with Quickbooks and other small business accounting software.

Integrate with your e-commerce shopping cart and virtual credit card terminals, so you have a single account for credit card processing for your business.

Simply Credit Card Processing offers a Wide Range of Features to Meet Your Needs

  • Protect your business with a robust suite of fraud management tools
  • A Single Gateway for Keyed/Swiped Transactions, eCommerce, and Mobile Credit Card Processing
  • Accept all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments with fast, secure account verification
  • Swipe or hand key payments via multiple interfaces, including mobile, POS systems, software integration, payment plugins and shopping carts, just to name a few
  • Access your credit card merchant account from any computer with an internet connection and with our added swiper, you can obtain the lowest possible rates.
  • Streamline business operations with advanced management functions, including reports, batching, returns and voids, and user permissions
  • We offer recurring billing, transaction reporting tools, tokenization, accounting software integration, ACH payments, Level 2 and Level 3 processing and large ticket processing.
  • Secure your business and your customers’ data by complying with PCI standards

Simply’s credit card payment gateway provides robust functionality that helps you increase sales while managing your operations.  Get Started Today

Security utilizing tokenization

Tokenization, when applied to data security, is when a sensitive data element is substituted with encryption and has no exploitable or extrinsic meaning or value.  It allows a merchant to support all of their existing business and card payment terminal processes that require sensitive data while mitigating risk and protecting your customers’ confidential information.

Recurring and Installment Payments Using a Virtual Terminal for Credit Card Processing

A recurring transaction will run automatically within the specified billing cycle on the scheduled payment day without the need to send it manually. You can also designate a specific number of installments to complete a payment plan using the virtual terminal payment solution.  No card numbers are stored on your computer.  You can setup unlimited users with specific administrative rights that can log in anywhere they have an internet connection.

Mobile Processing

Use your phone or tablet to process transactions anywhere ! Our merchant credit card processing services allow you to simply access our website to process online credit card transactions or download our virtual merchant mobile app to your mobile device and you’ll be able to accept card payments anywhere.

  • Supported Devices: iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet
  • Process transactions on the go, wherever you are
  • Secure and PCI compliant
  • Optional standard web browser interface also available to process transactions
  • Optional credit card swiper customized for your phone or tablet
  • Customizable receipts emailed to clients directly

eCommerce Integration

By integrating your website’s shopping cart with our many solutions, small business owners can use the online terminal and virtual merchant mobile app as well with the same account. You also get an unlimited number of users with no additional costs and no additional per item costs that are typically charged by online gateways. Simply Credit Card Processing is also an authorized reseller for Payeezy.com, Authorize.Net, NMI, PrismPay, eProcessing, and many other gateways, so we can connect your shopping cart and website credit card terminal systems to your merchant account.

Hardware Solutions


Accept EMV/NFC Payments

We offer many affordable, state-of-the-art equipment solutions that process the latest forms of payment, including EMV, NFC and Apple Pay™ and have the latest EMV and NFC-enabled devices, allowing you to deliver faster, more secure transactions.  We partner with Verifone, Dejavoo, Pax, etc.. Our hardware solutions offer:

  • EMV and NFC capability – Accept Apple Pay™
  • Integrated contactless card readers
  • Internal PIN pads
  • High contrast displays
  • Built-in thermal printers
  • Fast connectivity

Clover POS

The best-in-class POS tablet solution, is a next generation system that simplifies your business. Clover is a cloud-based, all-in-one point of sale solution that supports credit, debit, EMV, NFC and eGiftSolutions. Clover is built to meet the evolving needs of your company.

For assistance in deciding which POS equipment and software are best for your business, call us.

Cash Advance

With this type of financing, usually approved and funded in just a day or two – there is very little paperwork involved. You agree to pay back the advance, plus a fee, by letting Simply Credit Card Payments take a portion of your credit card sales each day until the entire amount has been repaid. While a merchant cash advance can certainly be a quick way to get cash, it can also be quite expensive. Fees can range from 7% to 30% APR of the amount financed. You’ll pay this back by giving us a fixed percentage of your credit card revenues each day until the loan has been paid back, meaning you actually repay a lower amount of money during slower months. Average repayment time frames are 8 – 9 months, but can be as short as 4 months and as long as 18 months. The higher the fixed percentage of your credit card sales you’ll share, the shorter the repayment time frame will be.  Call us to discuss.  You would need 4 months of recent merchant statements and over $5,000 /month in Visa/MasterCard sales.