3 Reasons to NEVER Lease a Credit Card Machine

credit card swipe

3 Reasons to NEVER Lease a Credit Card Machine Although leasing terminals has declined in recent years, some sales reps will try to convince you that leasing is the right option for you. They’ll tell you a bunch of great things like, “you’re not required to pay any money up front,” or “you’re guaranteed a replacement terminal if yours breaks,” or “you’ll be eligible for new terminals when there are new features”. Don’t fall for it!!! Leasing a terminal will end up costing you hundreds,…

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Why it seems like rates are increasing each month

Increasing fees

Why does it seem rates are increasing each month? For one, you may be selling more this month than prior months.  That’s the easy answer, but did you know Visa and MasterCard increase rates twice a year in April and October?  In addition, the card ‘type’ your customer uses is what drives the rate.  For instance, a US Visa debit card that is swiped will have the lowest interchange rate but if that same card is key-entered into your terminal or gateway, the fees will…

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What are Non-Compliance fees?


    PCI “Non-compliance” Fees The non-compliance PCI fee is assessed to your merchant account and provides no value except to collect extra revenue for your processor. It is a monthly fee for not being compliant with the PCI DSS standards. The fee usually ranges from $9.99 to $39.95, This type of PCI fee can easily be removed by becoming compliant. Simply call your processor and they can walk you through the steps.  In most cases, it’s just about filling out a form online with…

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Basics of PCI Security


PCI Security Standards PCI and the Data Security Standards (DSS), establish protocols for protection of cardholder data,  mandating how card numbers and expiration dates must be protected. This is known as PCI Security. The Basics of PCI Compliance and Validation Regulations These regulations apply to financial institutions, Internet vendors and all e-commerce and retail merchants. The rules spell out what security measures must be taken to protect the private information of employers and employees during any transactions occurring with the use of a credit/debit card.…

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